Library JAM Session: Celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month at a Public Library

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April was designated Jazz Appreciation Month in 2001 by John Edward Hasse, curator of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. By 2002, it became an official annual event which celebrates jazz’s heritage and history as well as the current jazz scene that lives on to this day. This year’s theme celebrates women in jazz and this year’s featured musician is Ella Fitzgerald, in honor of her centennial birthday.

I currently work at a local library and suggested we put up a few Jazz Appreciation Month displays for the month of April. As such, I was in charge of creating the displays.

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Pop Unmuted Episode 24: Pet Sounds at 50

Hi everyone! It’s been a year since I’ve updated this blog – this past year has been hectic! Hopefully, I’ll have more time to write for this blog now.

First things first, a couple months ago I was graciously invited to join Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge on their Pop Unmuted podcast for the second time. On this episode, we talked about The Beach Boys’ legendary Pet Sounds album in celebration of the album’s 50th anniversary this year!

Check it out by clicking the cover:a0235025871_10

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Pop Unmuted Episode 11

I was graciously invited to talk about the new Brian Wilson album No Pier Pressure and veteran pop musicians in general with Scott Interrante, Kurt Trowbridge, and Bill Smith on the latest episode of the Pop Unmuted podcast. Check it out!

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Oh Shenandoah, I Long To Hear You

The “what’s your all-time favorite song?” question is an almost impossible question for me to answer. I can usually only answer with my top 5 or split it by genres, and always with a disclaimer that my lists of favorites always change. There are only a few songs that are consistently top favorites and one of those songs is the American folk song “Shenandoah”. Continue reading