Featured in The Discographer’s Magazine’s June 2014 issue


Hello, everyone!

My work has been featured in the 78rpm Collectors’ Community’s June newsletter! I wrote a new article on jazz musician Frank Teschemacher and, with my permission, they also included my End of the Golden Age of Chicago Jazz piece, which you may have already read here on this blog. You can find my article on Teschemacher starting on page 52 and my Chicago Jazz piece starting on page 62.

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Oh Shenandoah, I Long To Hear You

The “what’s your all-time favorite song?” question is an almost impossible question for me to answer. I can usually only answer with my top 5 or split it by genres, and always with a disclaimer that my lists of favorites always change. There are only a few songs that are consistently top favorites and one of those songs is the American folk song “Shenandoah”. Continue reading

The Liebster Award


Since I’m so new to WordPress blogging, I had never heard about this cute little award until I was nominated by my dear friend Nicole of Wanderlust Stardust. I thank her very much for nominating me, especially since I have only one post over here so far!

Apparently the award is a cute way to discover new blogs and learn more about the people behind the blogs.

Receivers of the Award must:

  • Answer the 11 questions posed to them by their nominators.
  • Post 11 interesting things about themselves.
  • Create a new list of 11 questions for future award receivers to answer.
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award.

Since I don’t follow many people here on WordPress yet I probably will be skipping the last two rules but I might as well answer Nicole’s 11 questions and post 11 things about myself, so that any readers of this blog can get to know me.

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The End of the Golden Age of Chicago-Style Jazz

It was a music very characteristic of its time, forever preserving the sound of Jazz Age Chicago on shellac records. But the Jazz Age could not live forever and Chicago’s role in the development of jazz could not always keep stranglehold of its power on the music. Jazz, especially, is a music that always moves, always evolves. And when the music moves on, it takes on a new form, it transforms into something new and something more timely for the new era.

And while it is a simple fact that change is inevitable and that pop culture will always shapeshift to better fit the times, this common fact of nature is not the lone force that brought the demise of Chicago-style jazz. Rather, alongside this natural change there were specific factors, societal and musical, that contributed to the fall of the Chicago-style and the rise of swing.

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