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The Liebster Award


Since I’m so new to WordPress blogging, I had never heard about this cute little award until I was nominated by my dear friend Nicole of Wanderlust Stardust. I thank her very much for nominating me, especially since I have only one post over here so far!

Apparently the award is a cute way to discover new blogs and learn more about the people behind the blogs.

Receivers of the Award must:

  • Answer the 11 questions posed to them by their nominators.
  • Post 11 interesting things about themselves.
  • Create a new list of 11 questions for future award receivers to answer.
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award.

Since I don’t follow many people here on WordPress yet I probably will be skipping the last two rules but I might as well answer Nicole’s 11 questions and post 11 things about myself, so that any readers of this blog can get to know me.

11 Questions from Nicole

1. Which film would you have loved to been a part of?

Gosh, what a question! I’m assuming we can cross the barrier of time to answer this? I would have loved to had even been an extra in one of Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis’s films just because I’m such a huge fan of theirs. Being in any of the movie musicals of the 1930s would have been fun too. As far as modern films go, The Artist because it was a modern silent film or the Captain America films because I just love everyone in that cast, plus Captain America is my favorite superhero.

2. What is your favorite poem or quote?

A favorite quote: “And I add my own love to the history of people who have loved beautiful things, and looked out for them, and pulled them from the fire, and sought them when they were lost, and tried to preserve them and save them while passing them along literally from hand to hand, singing out brilliantly from the wreck of time to the next generation of lovers, and the next.” — Donna Tartt, from The Goldfinch.

A favorite quote about music: “Music lives in that place where anything can be picked up. It can become a different statement in someone else’s hands than in my hands. The fact that it can be passed from hand to hand is something beautiful, almost spiritual. It means different things in different places.” – Lizz Wright

Favorite poems: “Soulmates” by Lang Leav & this beautiful poem (“8 lessons on loving a boy in a history book”) by saltwatersoliloquy on Tumblr.

3. What is the strangest item you own?

I don’t know if this counts because I didn’t buy it but my mother won a thing that you plug into your phone and when your alarm goes off to wake you up it emits the smell of bacon??? Sometimes she wins very weird things from all the sweepstakes she enters.

4. Do you like to collect anything?

Definitely! Records, various historical ephemera, snowglobes and music/jewelry boxes, Disney pins, etc.

5. Who or what inspires you?

Music is the biggest thing that inspires me. Part of the reason I have such a passion for music and want to study it is because of how much it has inspired and continues to inspire me in profound ways. Also, oddly enough, I find history or at least the study of history to be inspiring because it’s the story of humanity, it’s not static, it’s really quite extraordinary and through the study of history we can try to learn from previous mistakes and build a better future.

6. Do you have a favorite outfit from your closet?

Favorite articles of clothing: my Gatsby sweater, my flight jacket with the WASPs Fifinella patch on it, this coat I got for Christmas, my space leggings, my 1940s-esque navy pencil dress and my 1940s-esque polka-dotted swing dress.

Favorite outfits are this, this, this and this. And basically any flapper-esque outfit.


7. What kind of music do you like?

Ah, this is my favorite question. My favorite style of music by far is jazz, both classic and modern. I focus a lot of my music studies on jazz history from its early New Orleans sound to the early bebop era, and I specifically focus in on the 1920s-30s Chicago scene. I also love classic rock (esp. early 1950s rock n’ roll and 1960s rock), American folk music, choral music, classical music (esp. the Romantic era and French Impressionist composers), and film scores. I also tend to love a lot of the music composed for the Disney Parks and their attractions.

8. Is there a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn?

I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument like the piano and the guitar really well. I can play around on them but I wouldn’t say I can actually play either well so I wished I just had more innate ability with learning instruments, and I really wish I would have had piano lessons growing up. I also love foreign languages so I’m currently trying to learn French and German and would like to learn even more languages in the future. I also wish I could draw.

9. Does your room (or home) say a lot about you?

I’d say it does. In my room you’ll find vintage stuff, travel souvenirs, stuffed animals, a piano and a guitar, and various posters around my room of things I love. I think anyone who sees my room knows I like vintage stuff, music, and Disney.

10. Favorite historical era?

I have three that I really love to learn about: the 1920s, the 1940s, and the 1960s. If I really had to choose only one out of the three, I’d say my favorite historical era is the 1920s.

11. Which place would you love to visit?

Oh boy, I have so many!

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • the Caribbean island of Martinque
  • Paris, France
  • Wismar, Germany (because much of the 1922 film Nosferatu was filmed there)
  • Rome, Italy
  • Stockholm, Sweden


11 Interesting Facts About Yourself

1. I used to have really long hair throughout middle and high school. I cut my hair in junior year to my shoulders and then once I got to college I just started to cut it progressively shorter and shorter. I now keep my hair short, usually as a bob, and I think it suits me better.

2. I’m ridiculously double-jointed in my elbows. When I hold out my elbows, it looks like they’re broken.

3. I think the way the word “pharmacy” is spelled is really creepy and I honestly have no rational justification for that.

4. I’m very woozy of blood, even just when talking depth about blood or medical procedures. I almost fainted 3 times in my high school biology class and once in one of my anthropology classes because of it.

5. I’ve been involved with school choirs consistently since 7th grade.

6. I really want to get a Master’s Degree in Jazz History and Research at Rutgers University after my undergraduate studies. Rutgers is apparently the only university that offers that specific graduate degree (most other schools offer degrees in jazz studies, performance, and/or pedagogy).

7. I have intense, relentless dedication when it comes to research and stuff that I’m passionate about. When I’m passionate enough about something, I’ll will go to great lengths to learn about it.

8. I got to meet and have delightful conversations with Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter when I went to see Safety Last at the Orpheum Theatre in 2011.

9. I was crazy good at memorizing U.S. state capitals and U.S. presidents as a kid.

10. I really sincerely want to get my pilot’s license at some point because I LOVE aviation and planes.

11. I walk on my tip-toes more often than not and I have since I was a child. It’s completely comfortable for me.

As I said, because I’m so new to the blogging sphere outside of Tumblr, I really don’t know who else to nominate  – other than possibly my dear friends Miranda and Simoa – so I will just end this post here. Another big thank you to Nicole for being a doll and nominating me! This was a fun post to make!



2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Aww, it was my pleasure! ❤ Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I really enjoyed reading them, and getting to know some more things about you! I got such a giggle out of number three, haha :’) And how cool is it that you’ve met Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter?!

    • No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed reading them!

      And I know, right? His granddaughter and great-granddaughter were the absolute sweetest, it was a joy to talk with them!

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